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About The Project

We believe the internet is in the middle of a revolution: untrusted and centralized proprietary services we believe will be replaced with decentralized and open ones. Trusted parties we believe will be replaced with variable computation. Brittle location addresses we believe will be replaced with resilient content addresses. Monolithic services we believe will be replaced with peer-to-peer algorithmic markets.

The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain networks have a proven utility of decentralized transaction ledgers. These public ledgers process sophisticated and smart contract applications and transact crypto-assets worth tens of billions of dollars. Recently, blockchain interest has surged. A substantial number of people worldwide are involved in mining coins every day and have proven that people are willing to contribute to the applications, providing it gives them a return on the work done.

Blockchain’s key success property is its ability to facilitate immutable, censorship resistant, value transfer without the need for intermediaries. The use of the blockchain to securitize real-world assets is an interesting idea. However, it re-introduces intermediaries to guarantee that the asset on the blockchain is tied to a real-world asset. Liquibrium’s goal is to support the value transfer and digital issuance of virtual assets on exchanges without the need for intermediaries.

Our Features

Advantages of the Platform


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With Arbitration

Quick and easy steps to trade

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  • 01. Registration On The Platform

    Traders can quickly and conveniently register online
    and submit required identification for processing

  • 02. Deposit of Funds

    The trader has to deposit funds in fiat or crypto
    currencies before he can start trading.

  • 03. Passing Verification

    The exchange performs KYC and AML checks.
    When verfication is complete funds transfer limits are increased.

  • 04. Trading

    Traders can trade with freedom and can place
    Market, Limit, Stop Limit, Trailing Stop Orders

  • 05.Order Execution

    Fast execution of orders against a liquid
    order book.

  • 06. Withdrawal of Funds

    The trader can withdraw funds in both fiat and
    crypto currencies.

Development of Liquibrium Exchange
(Road Map)

  • 2017


    (September - October)

    Market Research

    (October - December)

  • 2018

    (1Q 2018)

    Formation of founders team Business plan

    (2Q 2018)

    Start of Platform

    (3Q 2018)

    Landing page

    (4Q 2018)

    Partner Launch
    Beta Test
    User feedback

  • 2019

    (1Q 2019)

    Soft Launch
    Trading Bitcoin
    Stress Testing

    (2Q 2019)

    Full Launch
    Altcoin Trading
    More currencies

    (4Q 2018)

    Expansion to other countres

Core Team

Ang Chong Lai


Past Present Future, Chonglai as a serial-Technopreneur, started Rock Nano Pte Ltd in 2006, a 3D interactive technology company specializing in Augmented/ Virtual/ Mixed Reality, 3D Projection Mapping, ioT, M2M, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

Viknash Samy


Viknash is a veteran of the video game industry. Having worked on game security since 2014, he has recently made the move to development on crypto currencies.